Irshad Center Dugsi

The goal of the Irshad Islamic Center (IIC) School is to provide Islamic education for children and teens, ages 5 through 14.  Classes will be offered in Qur’an, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies including Towheed, Fiqh, Hadeeth & Seerah.  The education program is multi-year and builds on itself to create a well-rounded curriculum.  IIC School provides classes in a nurturing, Islamic environment intended to help all students succeed.

Individual Attention

  • Student Progress reports
  • Health and well being checks
  • Behavioural Check
  • Academic Excellence Check


  • Top class facilities 
  • Use modern learning techniques

Qualified Teachers

  • Highly Qualified
  • Speak Arabic, English and Somali
  • Hafidh

Please contact Brother Ahmed for any questions or comments, or to find out about our courses and teaching methodology


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